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Welcome to the world of surveys, where you can win big and your opinions count! Sobeys offers a poll called the Sobeys poll that is comparable to sobeys survey, which can be found at www.sobeys/mysobeys and gives you a chance to win a $500 gift card.

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What is Sobeys Survey?

The Sobeys Survey is an online customer feedback tool that collects comments and insights from customers regarding their Sobeys shopping experiences. Customers may participate in the survey to give their thoughts on product quality, customer service, and the overall shop experience.

Sobeys Survey

This data is useful to Sobeys since it helps them identify what works effectively and what areas require development in order to improve the shopping experience for everyone.

Sobeys Customer Survey Overview 2024

Official NameSobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey
RewardWin 1 of 3 $500 Sobeys gift cards
Entry MethodOnline and mail-in
Entry Limit1 survey per person per house
EligibilityLegal residents of Canada, excluding Quebec

Sobeys Contest 2024

The Sobeys Contest 2024 allows customers to enter their Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes. Throughout the year, contestants may win one of three $500 gift cards, which are distributed monthly.

To participate, either take an online survey at using your purchase receipt or submit a mail in entry without a purchase. This contest, open to Canadian citizens aged 18 and older, aims to improve Sobeys’ services via meaningful customer input, and no purchase is required to enter.

How To Receive $500 Sobeys Gift Cards

To have a chance to receive a $500 Sobeys gift card, you can participate in the Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes. Here’s how you can enter:

Sobeys Gift Cards

  • Shop at Sobeys: Save your receipt after shopping at any Sobeys store.
  • Enter Online: Visit, fill out the survey using details from your receipt, and submit your entry.
  • Mail-In Entry: If you prefer not to make a purchase, you can enter by mailing a postcard with your name, address, phone number, and email to the designated contest address (please check the official contest rules for the exact mailing address).

Who is Eligible to Take Part in This Survey?

Sobeys Survey Rules:

  • Age Requirement: Must be 18 years or older.
  • Purchase Requirement: No purchase necessary.
  • Residency: Open to legal residents of Canada.
  • Entry Limit: One entry per survey invitation and up to twelve entries per contest period.
  • Third Party Entries: No entries on behalf of others allowed.
  • Entry Completion: Incomplete entries will be disqualified.
  • Winning Odds: Purchasing does not increase chances of winning.
  • Prize Rules: Only one prize per winner, no prize transfers or substitutions.
  • Taxes: Winners are responsible for any tax liabilities.
  • Contact Info: Must provide a valid email and contact number.
  • Employee Eligibility: Employees are allowed to participate.

Survey Requirements:

  • Receipt: Need a recent Sobeys receipt.
  • Language: Ability to read English or French.
  • Device: Requires a smart device like a smartphone or computer.
  • Internet: Must have a stable Internet connection.

How To Enter The Sobeys Survey?

Here is the entire way for entering the Sobeys Survey:

Step 1: Start the Survey:

  • Visit to begin.

Step 2: Choose Language:

  • Select English or French as your preferred language.
Sobeys Survey

Step 3: Language Confirmation:

  • Click the “>>>” button to confirm your choice.
Sobeys Survey

Step 4: Input Receipt Details:

  • Enter the store number from your Sobeys receipt.
Sobeys Survey

Step 5: Advance to Survey:

  • Click the “>>>” button to proceed.

Step 6: Answer Questions:

  • Respond to questions based on your recent Sobeys visit.

Step 7: Enter Contact Information:

  • Provide your contact details for the sweepstakes.

Step 8: Submit Survey:

  • Review your responses and submit the survey to complete your entry.

Alternative Mail-In Entry: (No Purchase Necessary)

Write your name, address, phone number, and email on a paper titled “Sobeys Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes.”

Mail it to the sweepstakes address given in the rules.

Survey Invitation Method:

If you get an email survey invite (often for AIR MILES members), use the provided link to enter the survey and complete your sweepstakes submission.

Sobeys Survey Sweepstakes Prize Draw

  • Random Selection: Winners are randomly chosen from all eligible entries received during the contest period.
  • Notification: Winners will be notified using the contact information provided in the survey within 14 days of the draw.
  • Verification: Winners must complete and submit a declaration and release form to confirm eligibility and claim their prize.
  • Alternate Winners: If a winner cannot be contacted, fails to respond in time, or is found ineligible, an alternate winner will be selected.
  • Prize Distribution: Prizes are awarded once winners are verified according to contest rules. Contest Date In 2024

  • Start Date: January 1, 2024
  • End Date: December 31, 2024

About Sobeys

Sobeys is Canada’s biggest grocery store, dedicated to offering high quality items and great customer service. Sobeys strives to suit its customers’ different requirements by offering a broad variety of fresh fruit, meats, dairy, bakery goods, and home staples.

Sobeys Store

Founded in 1907, the firm has expanded to include several locations around the nation, always trying to improve the shopping experience via innovation and community participation.

Sobeys is committed to sustainability and supporting local suppliers, ensuring that consumers obtain high quality items while contributing to the local economy.

Sobeys Customer Service

Sobeys is committed to providing exceptional customer service to guarantee a pleasant shopping experience. They provide several avenues for client support, including:

  • Call: 1-888-944-0442
  • You can all reach to Customer Care Team at:

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The Sobeys Survey provides an excellent chance for consumers to share their experiences and shape future store offerings. Participating allows you to offer valuable input while also having the opportunity to win a $500 gift card. Enhance your shopping experience with the Sobeys mobile app, and for any questions, contact their attentive customer service staff.


Q1. What is the Sobeys Survey?

Ans: The Sobeys Survey is an online feedback platform where customers can share their shopping experiences and provide insights to help improve Sobeys’ products and services.

Q2. How can I participate in the Sobeys Survey?

Ans: To participate, visit, enter the details from your receipt, and complete the survey. You can also enter by mailing a handwritten entry if you prefer not to make a purchase.

Q3. What can I win by taking the Sobeys Survey?

Ans: By completing the survey, you have a chance to win one of three $500 Sobeys gift cards awarded each month.

Q4. Do I need to make a purchase to enter the Sobeys Survey?

Ans: No purchase is necessary to enter the survey. You can participate by submitting an entry online or by mail.

Q5. Who is eligible to take the Sobeys Survey?

Ans: The survey is open to legal residents of Canada who are 18 years or older. Each household is limited to one survey entry per contest period.

Q6. How are the winners selected for the Sobeys Survey sweepstakes?

Ans: Winners are randomly selected from all eligible entries received during the contest period. They will be notified within 14 days of the drawing and must complete a verification process to claim their prize.